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Application Process

4 Paws 4 Patriots, Utah is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization which serves Veterans, First Responders and their legal spouses. Our training facility is located in Ogden, Utah and co-located at Don's Pet Care. There is no cost for our participants. We do require a medical needs letter from a medical provider verifying that the individual would benefit from a psychiatric Service Animal.  4 Paws 4 Patriots specializes in the training of psychiatric service animals. Specifically trained to assist individuals with psychiatric disabilities. At this time our organization does not offer training for balance, bracing, seizure, or diabetic alert service animals. 

We currently offer three waves of classes per year. One that starts in January, one that starts in April, and one that starts in August. Our enrollment team will start to fill the class vacancies about 30-45 days before classes start.  


Maria, Navy Veteran

“I didn’t realize how much I needed this program until I started it. Phoenix and 4 Paws have changed my life. It’s hard work but worth that work when you see your dog respond and make life easier. That’s why I tell everyone about this program and the outstanding trainers who volunteer their time to help us veterans and first responders. I can’t thank them enough!”

Start the Application Process


Many of our participants will complete the program with their own dogs. All dogs must be screened by our training staff and should be within 45-100lbs, and current on vaccinations. There are no breed specific exclusion or inclusion criteria. We will consider all dogs based on health, temperament, and willingness to work as a Service Animal. Some older dogs  might not be a good fit considering the time, energy and effort that goes into training a service animal.  

Animal Requirements

During the tenure of our training, our Service Animals generally complete the following trainings, the “AKC Puppy Star”, “AKC Canine Good Citizen”, “AKC Urban Canine Good Citizen”, and the “4 Paws 4 Patriots Public Access Test”. Although the Americans with Disabilities Act does not require a specific certification for an individual to be accompanied by a Service Animal, we believe our process of training helps improve the handler's level of confidence and prepares the dog to effectively serve its intended purpose.   


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At a minimum, our training takes one year. Training takes place on Fridays in Ogden and in the Ogden area. Training times will be determined by your current assigned class. Generally speaking, they will occur in the afternoon, and correspond with your assigned class. There are three levels of training, 101, 201, and 301. Training times correlate to the level of training, with 101 being the earliest start time, starting around 1 o'clock and then classes run subsequent to each other. You must successfully complete all three training levels to be a graduate of our program. Graduation of the program is dependent on the participant and is not guaranteed.


4 Paws 4 Patriots, Utah can, at times, assist in finding a dog for eligible participants that do not already have one. However, due to multiple variables, a dog may not be readily available at the time of need. We will only support the adoption of a dog that is approved by our training staff.    

Don't have a dog?

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