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4 Paws 4 Patriots - Utah

4 Paws 4 Patriots is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded in Ogden, Utah in 2014. Our founders understood the value a well-trained Service Animal can bring to individuals who have experienced traumatic events and now live with psychiatric disabilities. At that time the organization was only one class and has continued to grow and improve every year since. We now operate three classes a year that graduate on average 20 participants a year. The organization continues to evolve and improve.

Our classes provide a safe and comfortable setting for Veterans and First Responders to actively participate in the training of their Service Animals. These classes take place once a week for about a year. The handler and dog will work together as a team in the training process. We believe this helps strengthen the bond and provide a way for participants to focus on the training process as a part of their healing.

While Service Animals are not the cure alone for individuals with mental health conditions. We exist to support Veterans and First Responders in their journey to healing and to shift the conversation surrounding mental health and mental health treatment.

Our Vision

4 Paws 4 Patriots – Utah’s mission is to provide training of psychiatric service animals for Veterans, First Responders, and their spouses that have a medical need for a trained service animal.

The benefits of this are difficult to overstate, and participants report outstanding improvements to their quality of life.

To be a part of the team that supports the healing of those with psychiatric disabilities.

To provide ways for individuals to reconnect with others and the community in a non-clinical setting.

To lead change on the discussion on stigmas that persist surrounding mental health disabilities & treatment.

The Team


Dona Sellers

Pres. & Training Director


Lindsey Ellis

Asst. Training Director


Targee Williams



Amee Sharpe

Asst. Trainer


Chuck Thompson


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